The Four Big No Nos Of Home Design

1 – Feature walls aren’t for every roomFeature walls are a great idea, they have the ability to enhance a room’s image and also create a certain unique atmosphere. They can be that special touch a room needs, to move away from having a bland look and towards and more modern chic appearance. In some cases, people designing their new home decide to go a little overboard with feature walls. I have been to many houses and when I see a feature wall in every room, I start to wonder if the term ‘feature’ loses its true meaning. My suggestion in this case is to keep it to the minimum. If you’re in the process of creating a new home design and you’re big on feature walls and think your house (new or old) needs that special touch, dedicate one room with a feature wall. This will impress more people and look much more natural than having a feature wall in every room in your house.
2 – Cheap wooden floorboards are never a good alternativeI don’t know much in terms of flooring but what I do know is that genuine polished wood floorboards will never disappoint you. Some are expensive but there are many ways to cut costs, such as buying the wood independently.  I don’t advocate for the fake wooden floorboards, they don’t last as long, they are cheap, and look it too. If you can’t afford the real deal, large white tiles couple with plush floor rugs is also a good alternative.
3 – You definitely can have too much colourFinding the perfect colour pallet for your home is not an easy fete. Just go to a paint store and look at the hundreds of colour variations to choose from, you’ll be there for hours just browsing! So I can see how people can make mistakes. For things first, don’t take it upon yourself to choose your own colour scheme, especially if you’re designing a new home and starting from scratch. Make sure you have an idea before getting yourself overwhelmed with the choices. Depending on the look you are going for try not to overdo it with too many colours. If you want a pop of colour, my suggestion is use a feature wall, purple and warm greens are a good choice. But if you choose a bold colour, the rest of the room should comprise of simple and soft shades, like grey, black or white.
4 – Don’t forget about the gardenThe things a garden can do for a home are irreplaceable. There are so many beautiful homes out there that haven’t reached their potential because the owners have either neglected their front yard or decided to fill it with cement. A dash of green does wonders for a front yard and can make a new home by visitng