A property survey is a type of map of a land showing property boundaries as well as physical features such as roadways, rivers and creeks. There are some surveys that note topographical details such as soil density and elevation. Residential documents show where the houses are located and other structures. These maps are handled like official records and are used in settling disputes and to figure out the land value. They can also be used in determining ownership history. 

How the surveys are prepared and what they are composed vary and depend on type of property. Property survey can be carried on commercial land, residential land and land that is not developed. They follow different type of rules in every category. The most popular ones are residential surveys and are available into two basic forms. The first one is known as house location and it is sometimes known drive by survey and its main aim is showing where the house is located and other type of structures on the property. Also if you want to sell my backyard for cash survey can be carried out. 

House location maps give property owners what is present, a cad-astral document give some sense of authority where the boundaries are concerned. Most of the surveyors go to the property and they make measurements that are compared with land records to create a picture of what is located where. Commercial property maps include location of the buildings but they are focused on zoning boundaries. Zoning is a method that is used by most local governments to control what type of activity that takes place on the land. Zones are drawn using grid across. Property surveying will help business owners to know where they sit within that grid. 

Easements are also important part of the surveys. Most towns need that certain portion of land that is owned privately is kept clear of obstructions so that local officials can be able to repair the public utility lines. Surveys of vacant land are simple compared to commercial projects and they involve little of the property boundaries. And the Council Permission in Melbourne can help you set up all the documents. Pre existing land rights are vital. In most forests for example loggers they are allowed to enter freely. This type of information is noted on land surveys as a good way of keeping track of where the land is located but how it is going to be used. 

Landowners can still be able to draw their surveys accurately through studying the land records and looking at documents of the municipal. But this type of homemade survey is not going to be definitive. There are some people who employ unbiased land surveyors so that they can draw authoritative maps. Most of these people work for independent companies but they can also be appointed by the court and government entities. They also know more about subdivision. 

Surveying is carried out most of the time when the land is being sold. Both the buyers and sellers want a good picture of where the easements and boarders are located. Setting precise boundaries is important because it will help to establish a fair price. Most local laws want sellers to include official surveys in the sale of the documents. Buyers and sellers can employ a solicitor if they want conveyancer services.